Silvertop House 3

A$ 1,950 

Silvertop House 3 is a three bedroom variant of one of our most popular house designs, Silvertop House 4.

10 x 22 meters
Est build price
from $394,000

It’s materiality successfully implements sustainably sourced timber as the main cladding element. By doing so the house exudes an air of warmth and simplicity. The versatile nature of the timber facade is well suited to the landscapes of both rural and suburban Australia.

The Silvertop Ash facade sits pleasantly in the streetscape, with a low gabled roof and deep eaves. A pronounced facade to the north breaks up the sweeping roofline, with the addition of an expressed sun lounge which helps create privacy in the backyard.

Once inside, you are greeted with high, pitched ceilings through the use of scissor trusses and strategically placed windows that not only usher in plenty of natural light but also serve as engaging sight lines for the surrounding views.

The Silvertop 3 home is one of our most complete family homes, featuring: a garage, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, separate toilet, laundry, and a generous living, dining, and kitchen space complete with a large island bench.

As with all of our designs, the functional based grouping of rooms mean that the house can be mirrored to suit a variety of site orientations and street frontages - without having to adjust the layout. Simply align the angle of the living wing to face north, so that all main living areas receive the most amount of desirable sunlight. The resulting design is an energy- efficient home that prioritises great design just as much as it values functionality.

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