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Corporate Responsibility

We donate 1% of profits to end homelessness in Australia.

We're powered by solar and certified carbon neutral power.

Registered members of the ARBV and the AIA.

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We think new housing needs a reboot

After seeing an increasing number of poorly designed and environmentally irresponsible new homes be built in Australia, we decided to do something about it. We created Architopia - the online platform giving Australians access to affordable architecture.

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A better way to build new homes in Australia

Our vision is to raise the standard of new housing in Australia, create a more environmentally responsible future, and make the client/architect relationship more transparent, accessible, and affordable. Our Architecture and Interior Design team create beautiful, functional, energy efficient homes - architectural homes that a majority of Australians can actually afford to build.

House Designs

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The Architopia Difference

A proven alternative to poorly designed mass produced housing


We know affordability is key. That's why we only charge one low flat fee, and that's why we design homes that are so cost efficient to build.

Energy Smart

Architopia homes work smarter, not harder. Our clients report saving up to $1,650 per year on energy costs - that's $49,000 over the life of your mortgage.

Environmentally Responsible

Save up to 11 tonnes of CO2 per year when compared to the average Australian home. That's equivalent to approximately 170 trees a year.


Architopia designs are full of natural light, natural ventilation, natural materials, and non-toxic finishes. Healthier, happier homes for you and your family.


Easily modify a design to meet your individual needs. We'll supply you with the editable computer drafting files, making modifications inexpensive and easy to implement.

Builder Friendly

No confusing jargon and no costly design features. Architectural house designs that are easy to understand, easy to quote, and easy to build - Australia wide.

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