Bothy House

A$ 2,950 

The most affordable family home to build in our lineup, the Bothy House is a simple and understated design inspired by its traditional namesake.

8.5 x 16 meters
Est build price
from $420,000

Externally, the barn-like gable ended structure is framed with white washed recycled brick which features an elegant dual height soldier course brick detail throughout. The simplicity of this form functions as both a timeless design feature and cost effective building strategy.

The interior of the home is expressed by a subtle pitched ceiling which, in conjunction with generous north faced glazing, expands the living areas and improves the energy efficiency of the home. The internal spaces are divided into two sections, with the kitchen and living areas separated from the three bedrooms by a spine of storage acting as an acoustic dampener. The implementation of a combined mudroom, WC, and laundry, helps to reduce the overall footprint of the home without sacrificing the functional needs of an active household.

At only 120m2, Bothy House is small in size - but don’t let that fool you! It’s a very capable, practical, and affordable house, designed to stand the test of time. Like all Architopia designs, this home will effectively heat and cool itself, harvest its own rainwater, and comfortably produce enough energy for a family of four - meaning your energy bills should be next to nothing for the life of the home.

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